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{August 31, 2009}   The sultanate of women

Mention the word ‘harem’ and images of flimsily dressed dusky maidens spring to mind. But for more than a century, says Professor Leslie Peirce, power in the Ottoman empire was centred on the sultan’s harem in Istanbul. For some 130 years, the women of the Ottoman royal harem enjoyed extraordinary political influence. This unusual period during the 16th and 17th centuries – when powerful women exercised all royal prerogatives but one: leading Ottoman armies into battle – is popularly known as the ‘sultanate of women’…..Read More


Prostitute Mary Ann Nichols, the first victim of London serial killer “Jack the Ripper,” is found murdered and mutilated in Whitechapel’s Buck’s Row. The East End of London saw four more victims of the murderer during the next few months, but no suspect was ever found.

In Victorian England, London’s East End was a teeming slum occupied by nearly a million of the city’s poorest citizens. Many women were forced to resort to prostitution, and in 1888 there were estimated to be more than 1,000 prostitutes in Whitechapel. That summer, a serial killer began targeting these downtrodden women. On September 8, the killer claimed his second victim, Annie Chapman, and on September 30 two more prostitutes–Liz Stride and Kate Eddowes–were murdered and carved up on the same night.

By then, London’s police had determined the pattern of the killings. The murderer, offering to pay for sex, would lure his victims onto a secluded street or square and then slice their throats. As the women rapidly bled to death, he would then brutally mutilate them with the same six-inch knife.

Source: The History Channel

{August 30, 2009}   Chocolate

Twill make old women young and fresh;
Create new motions of the flesh.
And cause them long for you know what,
If they but taste of chocolate.’

~James Wadworth ~

1. Lay on the ground with your legs straight and your hands underneath your bottom.
2. Keep your abdominal muscles tight with your head and lower back flush on the ground.
3. Pull your legs up and back to a 90° angle from the ground. Do not lock out your knees and keep your focus on your abdominal muscles.
4. Your lower back should remain flat on the ground at all times
5. Lower your legs, stop just before your feet touch the ground and reverse the motion back up.


The period of the Black Death, (1346-1350), was a devastating time for the inhabitants of Europe. Everybody lost people they loved to the disease and lived with the constant fear that they might be next. These accounts, from people who lived through the epidemic, go some way to show the fear that they lived with and the relief they felt when it was all over.

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From the article: When the number of victims started to subside,
people appear to have felt great relief and started living life to the
full. As a result of low food prices and high wages, the living
standard for the surviving members of the lower classes
dramatically rose, prompting Florentine chronicler and moralist
Matteo Villani to complain;

“The common people, by reason of the abundance and superfluity
that they found, would no longer work at their accustomed trades;
they wanted the dearest and most delicate foods ….while children
and common women clad themselves in all the fair and costly
garments of the illustrious who had died”.

Villani also criticized survivors for their lack of gratitude to
God for ending the terrible punishment he had inflicted on man.
Rather than becoming more pious;

“the opposite happened. Men ….gave themselves over to the most
disordered and sordid behaviour …. As they wallowed in idleness,
their dissolution led them into the sin of gluttony, into banquets,
taverns, delicate foods and gambling. They rushed headlong into

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Long ago, near the beginning of the world, Gray Eagle was the guardian of the sun and moon and stars, of fresh water and of fire. Gray Eagle hated people so much that he kept these things hidden. People lived in darkness, without fire and without fresh water.
Gray Eagle had a beautiful daugher, and Raven fell in love with her. At that time Raven was a handsome young man. He changed himself into a snow-white bird, and as a snow-white bird he pleased Gray Eagle’s daughter. She invited him to her father’s lodge.
When Raven saw the sun and teh moon and the stars and fresh water hanging on the sides of Eagle’s lodge, he knew what he should do. He watched for his chance to seize them when no one was looking. He stole all of them, and a brand of fire also, and flew out of the lodge through a smoke hole.
As soon as Raven got outside, he hung the sun up in the sky. It made so much light that he was able to fly far out to an island in the middle of the ocean. When the sun set, he fastened the moon up in the sky and hung the stars around in different places. By this new light he kept on flying, carrying with him the fresh water and the brand of fire he hadstolen. It fell to the ground and there became the source of all the freshwater streams and lakes in the world.
The Raven flew on, holding the brand of fire in his bill.
The smoke from the fire blew back over his white feathers and made them black.. When his bill began to burn, he had to drop the firebrand. It struck rocks and went into the rocks. That is why, if you strike two stones together, fire will drop out.
Raven’s feathers never became white again after they were blackened by the smoke from the firebrand. That is why Raven is not a black bird.

{August 29, 2009}   Sir Auron’s Blog on Yahoo!

Sir Auron’s Blog on Yahoo!

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The archaeologists from Egypt and the Dominican
Republic have been excavating at the temple of
Taposiris Magna for the last three years

There they discovered a series of deep shafts in
which it is thought that Anthony and Cleopatra
might be buried, Egypt’s Supreme Council of
Antiquities said in a statement.

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{August 29, 2009}   Master Jack: Robot

New song by kRS 1

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