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A third version of Sun Goddess’s origin occurs in the Kojiki (712 C.E.), the oldest extant source of Japanes mythology. This rendition of the story places it in a much more somber context, involving the ideas of death, putrefaction, and the need for purification. The narrative takes its point of departure in the various creative acts by which Izanagi and Izanami were producing the islands of Japan and the entire natural universe.

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{August 23, 2010}   Edutainment: The Mermaid Wife

A story is told of an inhabitant of Unst, who, in walking on the sandy margin of a voe, saw a number of mermen and mermaids dancing by moonlight, and several sealskins strewed beside them on the ground.

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{August 20, 2010}   Edutainment: Celtic Society

The Celts are traditionally ignored in world history textbooks and course, but the Celtic way of life, Celtic institutions, and the Celtic world view were superimposed onto Germanic and classical culture. The later monolithic European culture is greatly influenced by these early peoples.

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{August 18, 2010}   Edutainment: Men and Flirting

Men are oblivious when it comes to the dangers of flirts. Dangers? What dangers?

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To prevent a trade imbalance, the British tried to sell more of their own products to China, but there was not much demand for heavy woolen fabrics in a country accustomed to either cotton padding or silk.

The only solution was to increase the amount of Indian goods to pay for these Chinese luxuries, and increasingly in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries the item provided to China was Bengal opium

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{August 14, 2010}   The Nature of the Celtic Goddess

The myths of the ancient Celts suggest the dominant role of the Celtic female, or at least they point up a society that was at one time matrifocused, that is, focused on women.

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In the fourteenth century in Europe, a king was expected to be a strong leader of men and had to have prowess on the battlefield. Edward I of England fitted this description well and spent virtually his whole reign at war, subduing the neighbouring Welsh and attempting to do the same in Scotland.

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When the king [of the Iceni tribe] died, the client relationship with Rome and status of the tribe as civitates peregrinae ended. Still, half the kingdom was left to Nero in the hope that the remaining possessions could thereby be preserved for his two daughters. But, as Tacitus records in his Annals,

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The relative worth of women was actually greater in Japanese history than it was in the history of the West. Throughout the religious history of Japan, the indigenous Japanese religion, Shinto, exerted a powerful influence on Japanese notions of gender and preserved the memory not only of a remote past when women ruled as shaman-queens but also of the role of creative and benevolent female kami (gods) in the foundation and organization of the Japanese state.

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