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{December 1, 2010}   Arsinoe II (316 B.C.-217 B.C)

Arsinoe (are-SIN-oh-uh) was born in Macedonia, the northern Greek province which had expanded under Alexander the Great to dominate much of the Mediterranean world.

Because no single leader was influential enough to take Alexander’s place, upon his death the kingdom was divided among his generals. Arsinoe’s father, Ptolemy, received one of the prize pieces: Egypt and Libya.

He and his family settled in Alexandria, the great new city set on a ridge in the Nile Delta. Here Arsinoe probably received a finishing-school education. At sixteen, Arsinoe was married to Lysimachus, a 45-year-old military leader from the Greek province of Thrace.

Thrace had often rebelled against Macedonian domination, and after Alexander’s death it tried again. Arsinoe’s father no doubt arranged this marriage to make Thrace an ally. For fifteen years Arsinoe lived the relatively stable life of an upper-class military wife…..

From: http://ping.fm/TETBl


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