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{January 25, 2011}   The Difference Between Primary And Secondary Sources of History

In many areas of study such as arts, social sciences, humanities, natural sciences and in particular history, it is vital to know the difference between primary and secondary sources.

The basic distinction between them is that the first is a piece of information that has been recorded by a person who is contemporary to the time the event/person it discusses. Secondary sources are recorded later and express the experiences and opinions of earlier commentators.

Primary Sources

Primary sources of history come in many forms; they can be personal information that was not intended for publication such as letters, journals, diaries or personal information that was published from manuscripts, memoirs, speeches or interviews. Primary sources can also include relics or artifacts such as pottery, furniture and buildings.

Other types include anything that gives a first hand account of something such as newspapers and magazines, (as long as the articles are about subjects or events of the time) or research reports. Works of art such as paintings, photographs, literature works and audio or video recordings can also count as first hand historical sources.

From: http://ping.fm/6S0D9


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