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In his book, ‘De Excidio Britanniae’ or ‘Concerning the Ruin of Britain’ Gildas Bandonicus, a British monk denounces the evil ways of the Celtic people of his time. Written in the 540’s, it is by far the most comprehensive primary source from the time of the Anglo-Saxon invasion of Britain.

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The romance between Mark Antony and Cleopatra is legendary and ended in 30 BCE with the star-crossed lovers committing joint suicide to avoid capture by their enemies. In 41 BCE, Antony, joint leader of the Roman Empire, summoned Cleopatra for a meet to discuss her supplying funds for a war he wanted to wage with the Parthian Empire (North-Eastern Iran).

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This is the petition of John Proctor and his associates, a group of convicted witchs awaiting execution during the Salem Witch Trials….

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The Argonautica is the tale of the Greek hero Jason and his companions the Argonauts who go in search of the Golden Fleece, a seemingly impossible task given to him by King Peleas. The myth was written as a poem in the third century BCE by Apollonius of Rhodes; here, we join Jason and the Argonauts at the start of book two, where they meet the king of the Bebrycians, who is spoiling for a fight…

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In 1244, Jerusalem was re-captured by Muslim forces compelling the king of France, Louis IX, to launch the Seventh Crusade four years later. The campaign was a shambles, the Crusaders were soundly beaten in the Battle of Al Mansurah which took place in Egypt in 1250 and the king along with many of his leading nobles were captured and ransomed. The battle was recorded by chronicler Jean de Joinville….

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Johann Burchard was a Vatican Master of Ceremonies from 1483 – 1506. His job was to ensure the correct procedures were performed on official Papal ceremonies and he kept a diary of his duties. In this extract from 1503, he describes what happened to the body of Pope Alexander VI before he was finally laid to rest.

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{March 16, 2011}   “Kill the foreign devils!”

In the early 20th century, foreign influence over China was great, which caused considerable unrest within the country. A group called the ‘Righteous Harmony Fists’ Popularly known as the ‘Boxers’ started a violent movement in a bid to rid China of the unwanted outside influence. In 1900, many foreigners and Chinese Christian converts were besieged in Peking by the Boxers who were supported by Imperial troops.

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Arthur Barlowe (1550-1620) was an explorer most famous for being a captain on the first exploration of Virginia in 1584. Barlowe was Sir Walter Raleigh’s protégé and sent regular reports to him describing aspects of the expedition such as contact with the Native Americns and conditions in the New World.

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The ‘Arabian Nights’ (Known as ‘The Book of the One Thousand and One Nights’ in the Arabic world) is a collection of stories written by many different authors throughout the middle ages. This tale tells of an encounter between a merchant and a jinni (genie), a malevolent supernatural spirit.

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This video contains rare footage of Pre-World War Two Nazi Germany. The 16mm color film was shot in 1937 and includes clips of soldiers and officers relaxing and having fun.

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